Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lenghty tunnels

Wednesday, December 24, 2008
I meant to add - to get to the other side of the alps you have to go through 4 major tunnels (major = more then 3 km in length - the longest was 9 km) and several small ones (small being anything from 300 m to 1.5 km)!! and yes - it is a bit of a weather divide!!

In case you doubted my word earlier - here is a pic (not photoshopped) of Mamabear skating on thin ice - and trying hard to chase little Daniel on his skates. And yes she fell down once! very gracefully and with style. I gave her a 9.5 for style and 5.9 for the technique displayed!!

Today we picked up Oma and drove towards Linz - Pucking actually and saw my Auntie Elizabeth- as well as my cousins-once-removed! way cool. Spent lunch and part of the afternoon there! Mamabear doing lots of breaking again on the autobahn!! (covered another 120 km there and then back again! - in record time, I am so gonna miss that!!!)

Anyhow we both are knackered - and looks like we are getting a cold so might call it a early night and then have all of the 24th to look forward to!

MERRY (snowy) CHRISTMAS everyone!!!!!
Papabear and Mamabear

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