Thursday, November 27, 2008

Snow - here we come wohoooooo

Thursday, November 27, 2008
Well - today is the day. I have packed:
  • One long carrot
  • 2 pieces of dark coal
  • some smooth pebbles
  • one oldfashioned yard broom
  • cowboy hat
  • mamabears ancient wool scarf

oh of course there will be snow available where we go to.

I think thats all I need for my creation!!!
Here is the original cartoon:
http://Frosty the snowman
However I think that Brenda Lee's version has a lot more umpf and tone to it.
But then I am biased - the "pocket rocket" is after all the best female singer ever.

Bee good NZ and don't get to suntanned or we will be envious when we return.

In case you're still confused
<---------- thats what we are aiming for.

gah - hes lost his carrot nose


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Anonymous said...

Hope you got there OK, and it's not too snowy yet! Warm here today, but cloudy now, so no sunbathing in the bikini yet, and no, you won't be getting a pic of that!
Which way did you fly to Europe? Not through India I take it! Or off the southern coast of France? Have fun, and safe travel. Rachel.

Anonymous said...

what - no pic????? awwwww so sad.
yes been via Dubai! cold here. minus 3 today.

Anonymous said...

We demand to see more (or any) photos of Pam please.

Hard Working Girls from McAlpines

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