Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Captains log - Stardate 178.256 supplementry entry

Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Lol - rach_who - you got a lot to answer for.
The airports I've been through. Lets see:
Christchurch / Wellington / Hamilton / Auckland / Palmerston North.
Los Angeles / Gatwick / Honolulu / Delhi / Amsterdam / Vienna / Bangkok / Singapore / Frankfurt / Munich.

Sydney and Dubai will be added to the list this time round - might even take a pic and add later - just for you rach_who.

Oddly enough of the 5 major airports in NZ I have never been through Dunedin yet the boys have several times.

Trivia point here - Most folks know that LA has this major big airport with 5 large buildings all set in one spot - but it also has another Airport. This one is named - wait for it - John Wayne Airport - and it is in the so called Orange County!!! Even got a picture of his statue in front of it to prove it. I should go and scan it later, yeah . . . . .

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