Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bing Crosby - "I'm dreaming of a white christmas"

Sunday, November 23, 2008
Well - yesterday we had a wonderful short Scout Group AGM (all of 23 minutes) AND they made me read out my Group leaders report which took about half of that time! Then we all motored on down to our most frequented Pub- Harrington's in Belfast for a lovely meal out. Venturers were babysitting the youth so us parents had a good time out. All in all a good time. As expected no new parents came forward to help with the committee work next year - and that would have been the only downer. Didn't get home till gone 11pm!

Jon-e - u still owing us a bottle of claret - but it will keep till Staveley!

Then this morning at 6.30 am!!! (Yawn) I got a txt from my sis in Salzburg telling me it is snowing! What a way to wake up her older brother! Wohooo! Mamabear now wants to repack her suitcase - she thinks she needs more thermals! And here we are at a muggy 25 degrees in CHCH. This will be such a temperature shock to our system - but then we are looking forward to visit the Christkindl market in snow!! Not to mention the traditional "Bosna"!! Will see if I can get a live cam picture later - and post here - atm - it is night time over there so not much to see.
Well better go and have breakfast, send of an email, do some house work - garden work and at 3 pm watch the rugby. Hope we beat the welsh choir boys from the valleys!!!!!! Go the AB's!!!

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